Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

Durostar DS4000SThis Durostar DS4000S review will take a look at all the features that come included, how this model performs under pressure, and what consumers have to say about their experiences with this model. With all of that information, you can determine if it is the right purchase for you. If you enjoy traveling a lot, live in a busy city that frequently experiences power outages during warmer weather, or if you are someone who loves spending the weekend at your vacation home, then the odds are that you are in need of a quality, solid portable generator.

Features Included in the Durostar Generator

  • OHV engine that is air cooled and has a low oil shut off option
  • Steel frame: Heavy duty with isolated motor mounts that allow the operations to be both smooth and peaceful
  • Power panel: Includes volt meter, power outlets, a circuit breaker, and an oil warning light
  • Can run for up to eight hours when fully charged
  • Gas tank: Holds four gallons
  • 4,000 watt surge
  • Low oil shut off that is automatic
  • Recoil start: EZ-Pull

Durostar DS4000S Portable generator Overview

Durostar DS4000S2The Durostar DS4000S portable generator is gas fueled and is considered by many users to be a great unit to keep your household appliances up and running for a period of eight hours. Not only does it keep the power going, but it’s also very quiet, so it won’t disturb you or your houseguests.

This model features an EPA approved 7.0 horsepower overhead valve engine, and it features a recoil start that’s capable of running constant power at 3,000 watts. Also included is a four-gallon fuel tank, with an eight hour run capacity. Working at sixty-nine decibels, this model is impressively quiet. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you are running this power source for an extended amount of time, you will be happy that you chose one that is known for being soft on the ears.

The model’s automatic shutdown feature will turn off the generator when it runs out of gas or oil. For additional portability you can order an optional wheel kit. This particular product also comes with a one-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you are guaranteed to have it resolved easily if it occurs within the first year of purchase.

Standout Features for the Durostar Portable Generator

Durostar DS4000S4This power source has an excellent reputation with consumers who loved how this model incorporates features that are found on more expensive ones. Additionally, most users were pleased with the quiet running motor, thanks to the isolation mounts and muffler.

Other benefits for the Durostar include the EZ pull recoil start. The EZ start mechanism doesn’t include an electric start, which means in order to get this generator going, all you need to do is add some oil and pull a cord before switching it on. That alone makes life incredibly simple for you, which is great when you are experiencing a power outage that can bring a lot of chaos with it.

Consumers also loved the automatic low oil shut off feature, since this is a great feature that helps to prevent frying the engine, should you forget to check the oil level before use.

One great thing about this product is that it is very compact, making it easy to bring out when you need it, and also simple to store away when it is not in use. This makes it perfect for those who are trying to save space.

It should be mentioned that this portable generator isn’t sold to consumers living in California, because it’s not carb compliant.

What Consumers Have to say about the Durostar 4S000S Portable Generator

Durostar DS4000S3Now, while there are countless positive aspects when it comes to the Durostar, there are also a few negatives that past customers have brought up. Many consumers have had complaints regarding the fact that it does not incorporate wheels by default, which can be an inconvenience when you consider that this model weighs in at ninety pounds and it is advertised as portable. In the future, users would like to see the wheel kit included in the overall price of the model.

The second negative is that the recommended oil change interval is every twenty hours. This means you will have to change out the oil every other time you fill up the tank. This could become a hassle if you are using it often, because you will end up wasting oil as a result. While this is not typically that big of a deal, it can be if you use it frequently.

Many reviewers claim that they bought this product several years ago and it is still working like brand new after years of use. That is a pretty impressive feat for a product like this, so that alone makes trying the Durostar worth it.

As far as shipping goes, most consumers say it arrived shortly after being ordered and, for the most part, was in excellent condition. A handful of reviewers say there were dents and marks found on their product, but this is likely the minority.

With the additional cost of the wheel kit for upgraded portability, this model is both versatile and compact, making it an ideal unit for consumers who prefer traveling or going camping with an RV. The amount of horsepower that it features also makes it a great choice for use in a power outage. Offered at the affordable price of $xxx, consumers gave it four out of five stars.

If you are on the hunt for a quality generator that comes at a reasonable cost and has a high reputation for working well, this is a popular one on the market today. Even the negatives are pretty miniscule compared to the price you are paying and the overall quality of the machine. You really cannot go wrong with this energy source.

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